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Welcome! أهلاً وسهلًا

Welcome to Prophet Stories!

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The “Stories of the Prophets”, “Biography of Jesus the Messiah”, and “Stories of the Apostles” are Bible-based dramatic audio stories produced by professional actors. Following a chronological approach, these creative and powerful stories hit at the core of who we are as human beings and seekers after God. The stories start with Adam and Eve and their disobedience to the Creator, and step by step follow the historical progression of major prophets sent by God to guide people to the truth and a restored relationship with Him. These stories are an invaluable starting place for anyone seeking to know God. “Stories of the Prophets” give the essential background of God’s message to the ancient prophets, who told of the coming Messiah. Difficult biblical concepts are creatively and appropriately addressed by the narrator in understandable language, set in everyday situations. Because these stories are told in the language of the heart blended with original, locally-created music and sound effects, listeners are powerfully drawn into these life-changing stories!

Presenting essential Bible themes, these programs make use of various creative art forms such as poetry, music, and proverbs, similar to those in which they were originally presented.